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FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY has been selected as a Finalist in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards 

Chloe Kassidy has just been accepted into one of Manhattan’s most exclusive art exhibits, Love Through Light. However, with her singular dedication to her career, she soon realizes that in sacrificing her personal life, she has never been in love. A hopeless romantic who is terrified of heartbreak, Chloe begins to enlist the help of her circle of friends to learn about love through their very different stories and experiences. In Chloe’s emotional rollercoaster to having the greatest love story ever told, she’ll learn that like her photography she must use the negatives in life to develop and prove that she’s a strong woman who found her way to love through light. Inspired by the notion that women grow up with ideas of true love and destiny, For Internal Use Only approaches those ideas with a decidedly twenty-first century viewpoint. A humorous love story with an edgy and dramatic twist, For Internal Use Only is a vastly entertaining novel that gives each of us a new fairy tale to look forward to: our own.

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“For Internal Use Only is a story that will brighten your heart and restore your faith in the world.” - Jera’s Jamboree
“Definitely will be one of my year’s picks!” - Novel Escapes

“In a word…GORGEOUS!” -  Words Are Food

“That’s well done on Kamm’s part — creating a character worth worrying about.” - Change The Word

“Kamm has crafted a magnificent novel that will catch you by surprise at every turn of the page!” - Heather Hummel, Photonovelist