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Isabella Reynolds has the perfect life … or does she? Maybe there is a grand illusion to glamour. Fake Perfect Me is a glorious dance that will tickle your senses.

Isabella seems to have it all–the former Southern belle with big dreams is the head of her own skin care company and is the self-proclaimed queen of all things beautiful in New York City. Then her world comes crashing down, and she is stripped of everything she loves–her man, the Italian litigator “Saint” Santo; the loss of her company; and the death of her beloved dog, Potato. With her penchant for bingeing and purging, how can she turn her life around when she still feels the need to maintain her “perfect” façade?

Fake Perfect Me, author Cari Kamm’s heart-warming–and often heart-wrenching–tale of a successful New Yorker and her inner circle, offers an inside look at a world of excess. Isabella Reynolds may seem unlike anyone you’ve ever known, but at her core, she’s instantly recognizable. Her trials and tribulations, her ups and downs, are much the same as anyone’s. Her world may have a high price tag, but its true value comes from its losses and lesson…to love one’s self.

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“What’s Fake Perfect About You?” Documentary

“…a deliciously dark, witty, and delightful novel!”  –Lynda Curnyn, Author of Bombshell

You’ll forget your own troubles, and luxuriate in this book.”  –The Examiner

“Great fun while tackling a serious issue many women face.”  –Nicole Bokat, Author of What Matters Most

“The novel is written in a voice that endears readers to Isabella, and they will find themselves cheering her on.”  –Heather Hummel, Author of The Universe is my Sugar Daddy

“I recommend Cari Kamm’s enchanting first novel, Fake Perfect Me.” –Kristin Buettner, Women’s Health Magazine